Well as some people tend to struggle with fitting certain things on here, then i will tell you all how i over came the fitting of the low beam high beam and side light bulbs today.
At the start i tryed to fit them as per the manual and the how 2's that people have Written, then i got to thinking how vxl would do it,simple remove the bumper and take out the light clusters.
Well this is what i did and it took aproximately 30 mins to do and my hands are still intact so i thought i would share this with you.
Don't go to the trouble of struggling and ripping up your hands just do the folowing and it,s so much easier.

1.remove two times plastic plugs on top of bumper.
2.underneath the bumper there are 2x screws remove those.
3.behind each wheel arch 3x screws remove those.
4.don't remove the 4 plugs under the engine plate underneath the car,no need.
5.pull the bumper forward and drop down onto a cloth or something to protect the paintwork.
6.remove retaining nuts x3 on each light cluster and then remove from body.
7.change the bulbs and repeat process backwards ensuring when you replace the bumper to put a cloth on the edges to stop the paintwork from getting scratched.
simple as that aproximately 30 minutes ..........
cheers nick.