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Thread: Power steering feels funny

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : GSI

    Engine : 3.2 V6

    Year : 2003

    Default Power steering feels funny

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone else has experienced this prolem or could suggest what the problem could be so that i'm armed when i go to the dealers on monday.

    I have a 3.2 GSi and recently, the steering has felt a little strange, i think it's only when i turn to the left, but its as if the steering wheel gets stuck i.e there's a bit of resistance then a clunk (no nosie though you can just feel it) then the steering continues to turn, it doesn't do it all of the time, but enough to have started annoying me, it just doesn't feel right. Also sometimes it feels as if the wheels are locking up as i turn, i know there not, but its just that sort of sensation that i feel through the wheel. I'm dreading taking it to the dealers, cause if it doesn't do it on there 1-2min test drive, there gonna send me away telling me i'm imaging things.

    I also think i've started to experience the clunking noise from the front end, i've searched the forums and read about the radiator mounts and the coil spring rubbers but if it's something else like the anti roll bar bushes, could this cause my steering problems, because the 2 problems seemed to happen at a similiar time?

    Thanks in advnce


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    I had to have a new steering rack.....very common problem i was told

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