Hi all,

Did a fair bit of driving on Sunday (3 hours return trip to London) and noticed that my clock hadn't updated (have a CD70). The option to sync time is set and when I looked in the testmode output I have 2 clocks, a GPS and RDS clock. Both times where N/A and "sync" and "syncRDS" (can't recall the exact names) where both set to yes and "set" was NO on both. Radio was between Radio 1/Radio 4 and Virgin depending on the point in the journey

Strange - anyway yesterday the time updated, so I had a look at the testmode output and this time RDS time was shown and sync was set to yes and set was yes. But the values for GPS was still N/A (I came back from london with the satnav working for directions so the signal was ok)

As it was in the garage today to get the wiper motor fixed I asked and they checked it and said there was nothing wrong - also there was another car their that also had N/A for the GPS time.

So is the GPS time ever got/used on the CD70?
I'm not too bothered as the time sync worked from RDS eventually and its not a big deal to have to change the time twice a year - just wondering what the GPS time is for as it doesn't seem to ever be set.