Driving along today minding my own business, I caught a ****roen Pickledas5hole out of my right eye heading straight for me. WTF I thought, swerved and hit the horn. He managed to collect my O/S/R panel just above the wheel and scraped my alloy.

The scroat was coming out of his works exit at a right angle to me, looked lright then shot across the road, completely failing to see me with my headlights on trundling along the road! God knows how bad it would have been if I hadn't seen him!

One thing bothers me though. I have a tint film on my front windows. Should I remove it before they collect the car for repair or will I get away with it? I guess if they were being ****ty, his repairers could refuse to pay as the car is modified.
What's the general concencus on this one?