Hi, Could anyone please advise on the following questions : I have a Vectra C DTI SRI 03 Reg

1. what is causing my driver side door to make a knocking noise. This happend when I open and close the door fully and it comes from the hinges. I think something (metal) is rubbing or is out of line and is cause it. Does anyone know the best DIY cure for this.?

2. When driving and I sometime (rarely) get a knocking noise from the outside. Does anyone know if this is a common fault and what could it be ?

3. How can I remove the Rear Seat (bottom side) so I can DIY stich up a cigerette burn?

4. How do I take off the gear knob? Does it screw off or pulls off.?

Lastly I had a nokia Ck7w bluetooth hands free kit fitted and the enigneer could not make it work using the car speakers and said their is a fault witht the radio (standard Siemans 2013) does anyone know if there is a setting on the display unit where I have to activate what the cause would be.

Sorry for the loads of questions. I am knew to vectra and think they are fantastic cars to drive. (apart from the fuel thirty 2.2 dti sri).

thanks for all your help.