hello my vectra friends. this started last thursday driving back from work in my 07 1.9 cdti 120, less than a year old. there was a vibration through the accelerator peddle. it was enough to make my foot numb. i took it to the tyre place, they checked the balancing, spot on apparently, i got my dad to have a spin without telling him my thoughts, he came back moaning about the vibration through his feet . booked it into the vx dealer, theyve had it for 3 days and claim they cant find any vibrations. they just balanced all the wheels and changed the rear brakes i think. now i had an 07 1.9 cdti 150 sri for those 3 days, drove 700 miles in it with no problem, get back into mine and after 7 miles, my leg is numb again. the vibration is so blatant im not sure why the dealer claims they couldnt locate anything. is this common? any thoughts?? thanks in advance.