I have a strange problem with the centre console. It has a NCDC 2015, climate control and nokia telematic, all working happilly until recently.

Few weeks ago, the lights on the nokia telematic would go out, and the phone element was effectivly disabled from the ncdc2015.

Then the ring lights on the climate control adjusters would go out (it still had power as "Auto" button LEDs would be fine).

The lights would then flicker on the climate control and the nokia.

The other day, the ncdc2015 wouldnt even power on (but it would eject the sat-nav cd about 10 seconds after you press the eject button).

The next day, the battery was flat. Pulled the battery, charged it and pulled the fuse on the NCDC2015.

Car started fine, but I'm still getting flickering lights on the climate control and nokia telematic.

Could this be some sort of canbus controller problem? I thought it might have been the ncdc2015 (which is still plugged into the car, but with no fuse).

Anyone had/heared of anything similar?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!