as some of you the regulars will know this is my first vectra (2.2 dti sxi), and very pleased i am. i tow a caravan (less than 75% of car weight), well within the cars capabilities, the car never overheats and seems to do a fantastic job with the caravan, i have pulled caravans for over 25 years this is one of the best tow cars i have ever used. now to my problem, two journeys pulling the van, 4 weeks ago and this weekend, whist coming up the avonmouth slip road, traveling back from england to wales where we live and in the same spot within 10 meters, the dreaded spanner light comes on, no problems at both times with the previous 100 miles, and no problems without the caravan being on. reluctant to go and give vauxhall £80 when the car goes perfectly on all other occasions. i know this topic as received massive cover but is so confusing, any more input from yourselves would be grateful. just to tell you the light does not come back on as soon as you restart the car, not even for a couple of seconds and the car runs perfectly.