This section has been set up for a couple of reasons.

Members may often be thinking of selling a car, or head unit or something else and want to get an idea of what price to charge. As they obviously don't want to post in the For Sale section with this (as they need to give a price) these threads usually end up in Car Chat - so this is a way of keeping them all in one place.

The other reason is that unfortunately we are seeing more members, who don't yet have the access privilege to post in the For Sale section, posting up a 'What's it worth' thread to basically get around the restrictions of posting in the For Sale section. Their aim simply being to advertise their car for sale by posting it in the wrong section.

So, from now on this is the section where any threads on the topic of 'How much is worth?' should go. As this section is in the For Sale section, to post in here still requires the member to have met the relevant criteria - for obvious reasons.

Any such threads that are posted in any other section will simply be deleted by a Mod or Admin without any notification to the member. They won't move the thread into this section as this would involve them having to go into their Control Panel to see if the user has the relevant permissions before moving it over. They simply have other things to do with their time.

This section is not for people to reply to threads asking for first dibs, or making offers or anything as such - it is simply for the OP to genuinely get an idea of what something is worth for them to then, if they wish, put it in the For Sale section with a price.

Any posts that are other than relevant replies will be deleted from the thread.