after buying my vectra c 2.2 sri i fell in love with it, so nice to drive, spaceous and is nippy. but it hasnt got enoungh power, and to tune it up costs loads for crap gains, i was thinking of buying a vectra turbo, doing some mods
but then i decided i want more power, still young and i aint got a family yet, i want a rocket car, since i was a lil boy i love toyota supras, straight 6, 3l twin turbo. i beged my dad toget one and few years later he did, it was so fast, and looked amazing, every looked at you hes was beating cars like aston martins, skylines and masaratis in it.
so what i have now decided to do is buy one my self in sept, when my insurance is up, ive had some quotes and im looking about a grand but its worth it when your going to be getting 400bhp. people have tuned these upto 1200bhp.
therefore my car will be up for sale in the near future, i love vecs and i defo be going back to one when im settling down with a baby on the way