This headline reads all wrong, as you can see Tony is in trouble again, Tony got caught surfing adult porn sites on a council computer some years ago, and I mean adult, not kiddy, overall he is quite a nice fella and his wife Sarah who is also well known to me is a good lady who tries her best for ppl.

Now while at a meeting it would seem the lads have ganged up on Sarah because they didn't agree with her, Mr Madden is known to me also but I've had no dealings with Mr F so I can't say exactly what sort of a person he is, Mr Madden however is one of the ppl on the council I wish would take a long walk off a short one.

So in essence it appears Tony is acting like a thug, but to know the ppl and know what they are like irl shows me a totally different story, I think these two male councilors are lucky, if it was me and they'd given my wife the sort of abuse I think they have it wouldn't have been a phone message they'd received from me, and as for Madden, think Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair rolled into one, why this guy doesn't do us all a favour and flatline is beyond me, oh and to back it up a bit more, who do you think doubled my council tax to pay for a tower that opened in 2005 that was supposed to open for the millenium celebrations, and then gave it to a big company to run for profit, and if it made losses we would foot the bill?