ok just to let you know the back ground i won a prize on radio tay back in april 2007 4th or 5th as of today i have recieved half the prize which turns out to be the cheaper part of a ford rs racing team jacket and a back pack whilst i have recieved this i have had to send a minimum of 10 emails to get to this stage including threats of the local paper but to date i am still waiting for the car valet and shot of the car for the weekend i won.

how long would you say is acceptable to wait for a prize given i have won other things since and recieved them within a week

and what route should i take now i am going to sent them an email tommorow lunch time saying if i dont recieve a resololution by 3pm the courier will be contacted to name and shame the companies involved is this a fair dead line to give seeing as they have had as long and done very little