Right, I've got a 54 plate vectra with full canbus. It came with a cd30 and the basic display. I've bought a monochrome display from a forum member, and plugged it in. The display shows the date/time, temp, and a range of 666km

With the monochrome display plugged in, I can't see anything from the radio. the radio does work as i have no trouble hearing radio 1 or any other station I select. but nothing from the radio shows up on the display. Also, if I turn on the headlights, the radio doesn't light up when the new display is plugged in.

Is this a problem with the radio not being paired to the display. Also, how do you set the time/date on the monochrome display. The old 2 line display had the 2 round buttons directly below it. The monochrome display doesn't have them.