Well my Steinmetz door mirrors arrived this week , and so met up with my mate who has his own paintshot buisness last night to discuss. OK his buisness is re-spraying trucks, but will do the odd car bits for mates . Anyhow, all booked up next week, his other sprayer is on holiday following week, so can only get them sprayed days before Billing. Here's me thinking I'll have them sprayed, but in the boot waiting to be fitted. OK could turn this into at attraction at billing, fit left mirror as show in morning, and fit right mirror in the afternoon So when I ask him why he wont spray them he tells me he know I love my car and therefore his other sprayer best for the job. Why, well apparantly he drives a Vectra-C GSI , which he loves too. So now not only do I have to wait for my door mirrors to be sprayed (OK seem to know it will be a good job, so worth the wait), but also will have to leave flyers alround the motor in the hope he will take one and join our forum