I got a letter yesterday from Virgin Mobile, welcoming me and confirming my bank details.
Which was odd, since I no longer have a Virgin Mobile phone, or any bank account that matches the details given! I'm also not a Doctor (which was what I'd become on the address)! I got onto Virgin, who told me that they'd detected that it was an attempted fraud and they'd stopped the phone immediately.
This has got me worried. I assume the scam is to open a bank account (probably not using my address, since I've had no correspondence about it)leave it empty, run up a huge bill and I get the nasty letters!
I'm now concerned about what else might be going on in my name. I'd better get an Experian report, I suppose.
Given how Clarkson was caught recently, maybe I should use the account number and sort code from the letter to set up a big payment to a charity from the account! Anyone know how to trace a bank account from the above info?