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Thread: Irmscher 2008, Initial info only thread.

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    Default Irmscher 2008, Initial info only thread.

    Well, here we are then, the first official Irmscher 2008 trip details!

    What I'm going to do here is basically let you know what has been discussed and decided by the trip committee, who met earlier today. This is an info only thread, a separate thread will be opened up for any questions you may have. Also, hopefully it'll stop Cabby being bombarded with PM's and e-mails from members keen for details!!

    First and foremost, as per last year, the trip is only open to Vectra 'C' or Signums - basically we are representing the club, it's only fitting that the cars on display are relevant.

    We will be leaving on the Thursday - time TBC, and taking a gentle stroll across to Eastern Belgium / Luxembourg / Northern Germany for an overnight stop. This is in respect of those who have quite a trip in the UK. Also it gives the opportunity for some decent prep time on the Friday afternoon ready for the show on Saturday and Sunday. Last year we were the shiniest club, no reason not to be the same this year!

    Saturday night, there is a party at the museum, which sounds like it's going to be, shall we say, memorable! Don't forget, we've been invited to Irmschers' 40th Birthday party!

    Sunday is another show day - then it's on to Russelhiem for an overnight stop there.

    Monday, we have a Factory tour, to see where Vectra and Signums are born! Afterwards, we'll be heading towards Brussels for the last overnight stop, before boarding the Ferry Tuesday and coming home.

    We aim to have costings for the trip, including Ferries and Hotel rooms made available very soon - next week at the latest. We're pretty much there, but we are just waiting for some final details and Ideas to be finalised before saying what the cost will be. As soon as we know, you'll all know.

    What we are planning, is basically a package. The cost will include all the above, plus trip shirt as per last year - albeit with a couple of different logos, Plus a large window sticker, to aid convoy identification. While we're on the subject....

    Convoys. Getting up to 40 cars kept together on a trip like this will be nigh on impossible, not to mention it would attract much attention from the Gendermes and Polizei!! So, it's been suggested that we go off in groups of four or five. There will be an elected 'leader of the pack' who will basically lead his group. There will also be a 'sweeper' at the back of the pack, who'll be on the lookout for any stragglers. No one is getting left on their own or left behind on this run!

    Right, digressed slightly there, back to the package. At some point, when the final list of runners are confirmed, we'll be producing a contact list of all members on the run, basically so we can get in touch in the event of a problem. Not something we plan to be using.....

    Now, the most contentious issue. The Nurburgring.

    We have decided, as a committee, that a trip to the ring will not be part of the official itinerary. Nor will we make allowances for anyone who wants to go to the ring on the back of the trip. Main reasons being....
    • We don't know it will be open for starters as they haven't published their schedule. We need to be finalising the itinerary now, and certainly can't wait until the Ring dates are published.
    • It would appear that modified cars may not allowed on the Ring, due to the whole TuV approval thing.
    • It would appear that diesel engined cars may not allowed on the Ring.
    • The cost of repair to any damaged barriers, if you were to have an off, is crippling to the individual. Plus, it's a fair bet that nobody will be sufficiently insured to be on the Ring in case of an accident - so no insurance cover or recovery if you have a prang.
    As organisers of the trip, we're simply not prepared to take people along to the Ring as part of the official itinerary, when there are so many possibilities for things to go wrong/people to be disappointed (e.g. by not being allowed on with their cars when they turn up), so it's simply easier to exclude it from any official itinerary. The trip being organised is in relation to the Irmscher factory. If we were organising a club trip to the Ring, then the planning would be completely different. i.e. insuring every person going on the Ring had sufficient insurance, recovery etc.

    It will be an accepted term and condition of the trip that there will be no visit to the Ring. Anyone who ignores this, will basically forgo the rest of their package i.e hotels, ferry etc. The trip is being organised with a specific reason and itinerary, and the whole idea is that everyone stays together following that itinerary - not going off in little splinters as they see fit.

    Sorry for the epic, but hopefully, this answers a lot of the questions. Thanks for reading!
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