The family, of a retired Navy Master Chief with 42 years in the Navy,
reluctantly decided that at, age 92, he needed more care than they could

The only decent place close to their home was a nursing home for retired
military persons.

A week after placing the retired Master Chief there, his sons came to
visit. "How do you like it here, Pop?" they asked.

"It's wonderful," said the old Sailor. "Great chow, lots to do, and they
treat everyone with great respect."

"How so, Pop?"

"Well, take Harry, across the hall. He's 88 and was in the Air Force. He
hasn't worn the uniform in 30 years, but they still call him 'General.'
Then George, down the hall, used to lead the Marine band. Hasn't
conducted a note in 40 years, but they still call him 'Maestro!', and
Bob used to be a surgeon in the Army, has not operated on anyone in 20
years, but they still call him 'Doctor' "

"That's fine for the other guys, Pop, but how do they treat you?"

"Me? They treat me with even more respect. I'm 92, haven't had sex in 10
years, and they still call me 'That F****ng Master Chief!' "