been out on a little drive and seen some nice cars

Tuesday -

Trafford Park Manchester - Blue VXR reg no MY ** VXR how cool
Stoke A500 - Silver SRI 04 plate Snowflakes Tints and very clean
Leeds near Ikea - Black Signum Quad Irmy pipes


A14 (after being kicked off M1 due to road close lol) lost count of Vectras but there were 2 facelift SRI both red looks like the were racing each other lol

Taxi - White SRI Morrisons Rochester (12ish) VXR rear spoiler missed company name

Later that day - Abingdon Red GSI massive chrome alloys irmy grill / and spoiler


M4 jnt 18 (Bath turn off) hope it want anyone off here 57 plate moonland silver face first in to the crash rails saying that the roads were bad 1st thing -3.5 blody cold

finaly Moonland Vectra in screwfix Derby Irmy grill and spolier

Lots more seen but these were the ones that stuck