Would anyone be up for this in the new year ?????????????????????
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Since winter is upon us, I was wondering if anyone was up for a meet and a run through the Scottish country side?

Since we don't want to be standing about in the freezing cold looking at dirty cars...roads caked in **** and all that.

Why don't we try and hook up and have a damn good drive?

I figure some Sunday before the years end....the route to be decided but I'd like to suggest something south of Glasgow starting at Abington and heading through some of Ayrshire's and Dumfriesshire's best roads. Thinking Mennock to the A76 etc then finish back at Abington or elsewhere.

This kind of area...

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Before the Guys north of Glasgow have a go...the reason for suggesting south is that some of the guys from south of the border could also join us?

Ideal would be to meet in morning...drive first section. Then Eat somewhere or BBQ (I know it's cold out, but isn't a Vec-C tradition) for lunch...then drive some more stop and chill then depart.

Does that sound like a good idea, anyone?