It's been a busy year for celebrations this year.
Neither of us realized 25 years ago that we'd be celebrating our Silver Wedding and my wife's 50th birthday in the same year. We had a nice holiday in Spain in September to celebrate the actual anniversary (Spanish Paradors are nice places to stay!), then a party for 60 friends and family when we got back.
Then we had my Nephew's wedding in mid-November, another big family bash. Then, last weekend, we had a party for a dozen of us to celebrate her birthday. We wanted to do something different, so we held a murder mystery party. it was great fun, with lots of silly wigs and costumes and general hilarity.
Trouble is, it's been great and I wouldn't have missed any of it for the world, but Christmas is looming and I just want some peace and quiet! we seem to have spent of the year planning things, organizing things and setting things up. Then there's the damage to the bank balance.........

At least I've got 18 months until my 50th. If I survive until then. SWMBO is not impressed about the number of times I've mentioned the experience of "sleeping with a 50 year old woman"