...Ok, its now time I'm fed up of seeing my VXR rear skirt sitting in the garage, ready to fit to the car. The only thing stopping me doing so is I only have 1 tailpipe, on the n/side.

What recomendations for garages do you have for the Bath/Bristol, or Chippenham, or maybe even Shepton Mallet ares to supply and fit (or build) a 'Y' piece and another box on the o/side.

Should I remove the center silencer as I'm adding one on the other side?

I don't want to change the tone of the pipes (2.2 Diesel!), this is just for apperence. And performance increase will be a bonus.

Also, what pipes would suit (other than VXR's) to a VXR rear apron?

All opions and advice welcome!

Thanks in Advance.