You may of seen my earlier threads, anyway, Ive just replaced the gearbox on my 03 1.8 Vectra. Was a big job but all went well, or so I thought.

Took the car for its initial test drvie with the new box and all was absolutely fine, I was chuffed!

I took the car out again last night and noticed a whining noise when going through 1st and 2nd gear. The noise went when I pushed the clutch but then seemed to reverse altogether and actually make the noise when I pushed the clutch. Then all of a sudden the noise went completely and seemed back to normal.

I fitted a new clutch and slave cylinder when I changed the box.

As I said, everything was spot on at the weekend, other than the obvious, gearbox oil, or yet another box, has anyone got any ideas? I sooooo dont want to have to strip it down again boo hoo!!