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Thread: Have you ever wondered ...........

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    Default Have you ever wondered ...........

    ... what the ebay items are that state that you can get In-Car-DVD players etc for a £2.99.

    I always knew they were one of the Piramid thingys, but I thought what the hey and ordered the e-mail. This is what they send you -


    Thank you very much for your purchase.

    To show my appreciation i have added a few more sites to the current list.

    Here are the websites that provide the screens that i told you about in the auction:

    Iike promised here is the link to the KENWOOD IN CAR DVD/CD PLAYER.

    The way it works is that you are actually buying an 'ebook' from the company...I
    havenít quite got my head around them yet, but they are not really important. and
    the company will supply you with a 'FREE' gift.

    You pay, for example $100 (£50) for a 'place in the list' when the quota is reached
    (often about 20) of people wanting to buy them, the 1st person in the list is given
    the item and then the second person moves into their position and awaits for more
    people to buy.


    Person 1 pays £40

    Person 2 pays £40

    Person 3 pays £40 <<<cycle and quota is complete and Person 1 is sent their item,
    and Person 2 is moved up into first positon and awaits one more person to fill the
    quota of three and complete the cycle:

    Person 2 has already paid £40 and is in first position

    Person 3 has already paid £40 and is in second postion

    Person 4 comes in and pays £40<<<cycle is complete and person two gets sent their item.

    Basically, you donít get something for nothing. BUT all you have to do is pay around
    $90 (£40) and then the price you really have to pay is a wait of a couple of months.
    You can speed up the process by paying more and joining a shorter 'matrix' list. OR
    in order to reach the top quicker you can tell people to sign up, and more people
    you refer the quicker you will get your screen.

    I can assure you that no other person on EBay would have supplied you with this much
    detail on your E-book. And for the price!! I paid £15 for my first one and all I got
    was .....'' bye. lol

    Once again, thank you, hope your car gets rockiní very soon!!

    Sorry, but I have to include this paragraph due to some people:

    You have purchased an email containing information on how to buy the listed item.
    You should have read every part of the advert and are fully aware of my role in the
    deal. As you are obviously reading this, so therefore I have fulfilled my commitment
    to the deal.

    I am not responsible in anyway with you actually buying the item you choose. I am
    only responsible for making sure you receive this email which I have done. And has
    been explain on the advert.

    I AM NOT HERE TO CON ANYBODY. You cannot deny that I have done what I have promised
    and even more. I am sure that you have seen many of these adverts on EBay costing
    alot more, and I can assure you that NONE of them would have supplied you with this
    much information and support.

    Please leave your positive feedback as I will do for you.

    If you need any help, please do not hesitate to email me!!

    P.S. You will require a login name and a pasword to access the matrix list. This is
    for the website i promised
    LOGIN NAME: Everwonder
    PASSWORD: Website

    Thanks many
    I believe people do participate!!!! I'm not going to bother!

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    And This is legal??? Stinks a mile off..

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    certainly does! unless you're the on one who set it up!

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