After reading the thread on what desktop pics everyone had, I decided to write a little script to randomize 10 pics so you can have a random desktop screen every time you logon. So here is how it's done..

1) Create a folder and place 10 of your favorite pictures in there (they must all be jpg and named Image0.jpg to Image9.jpg)

2) Create a new file using Notepad and paste the following text into it:

:: Desktop Background Randomizer ::
:: Written By Lofty69

@echo off

Call Set Image=Image%Random:~1,1%.jpg

if exist %Image% copy %Image% Image.jpg

3) Save the file as RandomDesktop.cmd and place it into the folder you have just created

4) Right Click the Start Menu and select Open

5) Double click the Programs Folder

6) Double click the Startup folder

7) Right Click anywhere in the Startup folder and select New then Shortcut

8) Browse to your new folder (with the images) and select RandomDesktop.cmd

9) Click OK

10) Click Next

11) Type Random Desktop as the name of the shortcut and select Finish

12) Double click RandomDesktop.cmd (this will set your first background image)

13) Change you desktop background to Image.jpg that is in your new folder.

Now every time you log on the background will be one of your 10 pics.