Well, what a day! have owned the supertouring for a little over 18 months now, and have had her on the rollers twice now, and both times she wouldnt sit on them properly, and kept trying to bounce off.
was told my gearbox was mullered, so after scratching head lots, i decided sod it, go all out and bought a AP Suretrac LSD, new box and had it all fitted.
Well, about to go on the rollers, said a little prayer, just wanted to get thru it with no problems!!
She went on, and managed to stay on, so glad it was a gearbox fault!

Well, the mods i have done performance wise is a 3.8FPR, courtenay panel + 3 pipe mod, straight thru stainless cat back with rear silencer.

she managed to push out 186.7 bhp and 192lb ft. I'm so chuffed, bit more than standard, so is all good. is running rich, so gotta go get that sorted out, but other than that i'm a happy bunny!!