As a result of reading about Staples 2 Naples last year in Total Vauxhall Magazine and then logging on to the web site when I was probably to drunk to realise what I was letting myself in for. Dooh, mental note don't use the internet when drunk. The four of us are off to Rome.

Next Thursday we are off to Rome, then to make it interesting we are in theory going to drive back from southern Italy via Austria, Germany, Holland, Belguim and France.

The idea is to use the trip as a fund raiser for charity. Two local schools have adopted the trip and the pupils will be actively involved on a daily basis,
the pupil who guesses the correct mileage for the trip will win a day out at digger land or a driving experience at brands hatch.

If any of you feel that you would like to be involved in this event and help us raise money for our chosen charity, Motor Neurone Disease Association, any donation, however small would be much appreciated.

Here is a direct link to a just giving website that has been set up for the trip.

If the ageing Peugeot 405d makes it back, I will see you all in early October, if it doesn't, I may well see you much sooner.

Many thanks