Just had this email from Vauxhall...

Steven hope you're ready for race day

Now that the semi-finals are just days away, you can feel the excitement building in the VXR Racing Team.

Please remember to bring a valid drivers licence and passport with you or you will risk being disqualified.

Here's some information on the competition.

What do I wear?
Casual shoes or trainers are ideal and loose, comfortable clothing that can be worn under a race suit. It is advisable not to wear high heeled or excessively wide shoes i.e. work boots. Vauxhall will provide race suits, gloves and helmets for your session, you will not be able to wear your own.

How long will it take - will I have to be there all day?
You will be asked to arrive approximately 1 1/2 hours before your karting qualifying session. This allows for registration, mandatory safety briefing and getting changed. You must arrive within your allocated time slot. Your karting qualifying session will last 15 minutes. Should you be in the fastest 12 for an AM or PM session, you would need to wait until the Grand Prix at 14.15 and 18:30 respectively.

Is it fastest lap style?
Your karting qualifying session is a fastest lap competition, you will start from the pits and your best time over the 15 minute session counts.

Will there be a chance to kart before or after the race, or do we have a practice session?
There will not be an opportunity on the day: we would recommend practicing before the event. You will have 15 minutes on track, including load time, in which to set your fastest lap during qualifying.

If the circuit is outdoors, what if it is raining?
The outdoor circuits will provide waterproof race suits and there will be indoor hospitality areas in which to wait and view from.

Will there be catering on site, do I need to pay for anything?
Light refreshments will be provided free of charge; however, there will be the opportunity for Semi finalists to purchase additional food and further refreshments from the circuit café.

Do I need to pay for the karting?
The cost will be covered by Vauxhall.

Does Vauxhall pay for travel expenses?
Unfortunately, the cost of travel to and from the venue is borne by the semi-finalist.

Can I bring my mates?
You are welcome to bring your friends, however there will not be an opportunity for them to race on the day.

Good luck - have a great day.