and with a high weight limit as well.

SPORTRAC 3 215/55 R16 97V XL with rim protection ridge
  • Summer tyres
  • Speed V: the speed capability of this tires is up to 149 mph/240 km/h !
  • We only supply the tire. If there is a rim shown on the picture, it is just to symbolize.
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The Sportrac 3 is based on the strong points of the Sportrac 2, but optimised even further, particularly in the area of water dispersion and braking power.
The new profile - developed by Giugiaro Design - gives sports cars an enhanced appearance.
The robust, wide shoulders and 3D -shaped tread blocks in het centre of the tread give outstanding performance on bends.
The rounded footprint, with its even surface pressure, helps reduce braking distance and improve traction, handling characteristics and water dispersion.
The High Silica Solution V Tread compound has been improved to give optimum braking power and low rolling resistance.
Benefits: -enhanced appearance for sports cars.
-outstanding performance on bends.
-protection for alloy wheels.
-low noise level throughout the tyre`s lifespan, short wet and dry braking distance , improved traction.
-excellent handling characteristics, optimal for lateral water dispersion.
-sportier driving performance , alert steering response and high handling ratio.
-optimum braking power and low rolling resistance.
With us only £ 71.90