Ive got the veccy booked into my local garage tomorrow to get a noise investigated but just wondered what you guys thought it might be.

Heres the prob:
- inside the car it sounds like a clicking noise coming from the centre console, a bit towards the passenger side.

-when i put down the passenger window you can hear that its coming from that side in the engine bay/wheel area and is more of a clunking noise.

-It happens pretty much all the time and there is no difference whether you go over a bump etc.

-Its had new springs put in the front suspension (about 2 months ago for different prob) so dont think its related to them.

My thought were something to do with the suspension or loose fixing on something. The only other thing is that i feel the car has become a little bit slidey (like when going over bumps or white lines in the road) but im sure this is just my imagination.

Would love any suggestions to try and narrow down the prob.