Fitted a "Caterman Special" today. Well.... started to fiddle around under the bonnet for half an hour with the box. Plugging it in and out and making various attempts to start the engine without any luck. This was much to the amusement of my neighbour who passed some comments about how I should have bought a VW

So, after fiddling for about an hour, I decided to get the instructions from this site. Why do we blokes always do that

I've just taken her down the motorway and I am very impressed. The power comes on much quicker and smoother. You only have to tickle the accelerator to get feel the extra power yet it doesn't feel too urgent in town either.

And then, on the way back, the sports button went in and I'm thinking of changing the button to read "Warp factor Nine". A guy in a MX5 was giving it some up the slip road and he couldn't get me out of his mirror. When we joined the motorway, I think he gave up and I just sailed by him.

Great product Caterman. the grin is growing.