Right, when I get paid in a couple of weeks, I was hoping to buy the following:

Front shocks + springs (plus spring mod)
Rear shocks + springs (plus spring mod)
Anti roll drop links
Anti roll bar bushes
All round Brake pads + discs (drilled + groved) all round (+ brake pad monitor wire)

What is your advice on buying these? Makes/size/types?

I've got an SXi, so it's got same slightly lowered suspension as the SRi I think.
It's also a 1.8
Does anyone recommend any of the above list that will fit my car. What info will I need to find out, eg. axle weights etc.

I've got a front splitter on, and it's fine going over speed bumps at the moment, so don't really want to lower car any more. Although it would look great, it'd be inpracticle.

So what are good shock/spring manufacturers? + approx prices,
same for brake pads + discs. Will I need new calipers or will they come with the discs?

Any advice welcome.