The climate control knob on 03 Vectra seems to be malfunctioning -- let's say it is set at 4 and I turn it down one notch -- rather than going to 3, it may go to 7 or 5 or 6 or... sometimes it's ok, other times it does this wierd thing. Dealer says its the CC switch and it needs to be replaced for parts cost close to INR35K (about $900/450 pounds)!!!!

Reading thru some of the posts here it appears it could be the resistor pack instead of the switch. Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it easy to get to the resistor pack without having to dismantle half the dash? (I understand this is somewhere near the passenger footwell)


PS: Any way to get the forum search to not wait 30secs between searches -- it's a real PITA for a poor speller (like moi)