i know this has been asked many times but there dont seem to be the answear i am after, after reading all the posts

i have a 2004 SXI 1.9 CDTI
It seems to have alot of what the SRI's have i would say 99% of it
but it has cdr2005 with a 2 line display.... you know whats coming

i would like the full display with the extra bits on (would like to know what they are as well)

my question is (apart from what extra readings it gives) apart from station name clock temp and date

whats extra connections will need connecting and would i be able to look to see if i have them behind the dash (im thinking thats where they would be)

or would anyone know hom much for a new headunit (and what unit it would be) + a display screen (non colour) tech 2'd at VX might work out (and if it would work on my SXI