Main wiring harness, with aerial adptor included

£40 Delivered, unused.

This is for all vectra C's only.

__________________________________________________ __
Also have the lead for steering compatibility

(will require a patch lead for your make of stereo, i can give details of what you will need if you ask)

also £35 Delivered, trialed but effectively unused - see *.

__________________________________________________ __

I have a patch lead for kenwood stereos, £15 Delivered, or a total of £45 Delivered if bought with steering compatibility adaptor above.

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Can bring any of the above to PVS on SUNDAY, take £5 from each item if you're buying at pvs. PM me to hold any item for you

__________________________________________________ ___

All items are brand new, *however be advised that the steering compatibility adaptor is for steering wheels with the buttons on the sides of the centre, which i believe are the full button controls. NOT rocker type of controls which i found out today!

__________________________________________________ ____

Will also be on eBAY later on tonight.

Need to sell ASAP to recover costs to credit card!

£80 Delivered for anyone who has the lot!