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Thread: Oil level warning light

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    Vehicle : Vectra C

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    Year : 2006

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    Default Oil level warning light

    Thought I'd make a post about an oil level warning light that I've had an issue with for awhile on my 1.8 SRI.

    Numerous posts on here and other forums about oil level lights popping up on the dash when people thought they had a decent amount of oil in the car.

    Couple of months ago the warning light came on the dash while I was cruising on the motorway about an hour into a long journey. This is the yellow oil can symbol with the squiggly line underneath.

    The car had just had an oil change so I worried about a leak. The warning didn't cause any power problems or trip the management light. Once I stopped I waited for awhile and checked the levels everything was fine. Started the engine and the light had gone. Made the return journey home, without the light coming on again. Checked oil, all good again.

    This light issue started happening more frequently only on long journeys. It didn't throw up any fault codes so after lots of reading online I thought it was the sensor playing up that sits inside the engine sump.

    Decided this week to get a new sensor and replace it with the help of my brother we got the sump off, cleaned it all up and replaced the sensor. Big old job to do, have to drop the exhaust and take off the subframe plastic protection to get access to it on the 1.8 Sri facelift.

    200 miles later there's no warning light issue. New sensor and oil + filter, happy days!

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    Vehicle : Vectra C

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    Thanks a lot for your post.
    Happened to me 2-3 times this summer(same engine here, similar mileage, no engine oil consumption)) especially on long journeys and hot outside temperatures. I was suspecting a faulty oil level sensor but now I'm sure. For now I'll keep an eye on it, I'll consider to replace it when it'll be dead...or almost. Replacing it it's not easy-peasy and now when I know what the problem is I feel more comfortable, it bother me rather rarely.

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