I have been running LED side lights for about the last 5 years, I use the canbus error free ones, (Ha) the lights developed a fault with the near side parking light error, it would go into fault at odd times and correct itself, like a poor connection fault.
The light finally stopped working so tried another working bulb but no joy, cleaned bulb holder with contact spray and also the main plug to the headlamp after no joy with bulb holder.
I then tried a normal filament bulb but again no joy, I decided to check that the low beam was working ok after I had disconnected the main plug to the head lamp so started the engine and turned the lights onto low beam I then noticed the side light was working ok, I changed back to the LED bulb and everything is ok, this might be helpful to others before ripping the whole lighting loom apart looking of a broken wire, starting the engine I think has reset the computer.
I might be wrong though