Im already a 2014 Insignia, but this is a company car yes its 6+ years old.

I had a new car on order, a 2020 model of the Skoda Superb, but got hit with a new tax rate last week so cancelled the order.

Basically the Insignia costs me around £150 p/m.
The Skoda WAS meant to cost me around £230 p/m.
Its now apparenty shot up on an upward sliding annual scale and would have cost me an average of £325 p/m over 4 years, so cancelled it.

Anyway, where does this leave? Up the creek.

The cars in the work policy are cack, Corolla, Toyota CRH, Astra, Focus, Crossland, Quashqai. I need a family sized car but im not quite ready for an SUV.

So, options remain limited. a New policy comes out in July, so will see whats on that but the CO2 cap is 120g, so not much.

Im thinking about buying my own and taking the allowance but then im restricted to 8,000 business miles per annum. Outside of Covid I average around 15,000 business miles per annum.

Anyway, if I can talk the business into letting me have my own car, I have started looking at the late Insignia's (not the Grand Sport) so something around a 2016/2017 1.6 CDTI, SRI, or Elite.

I have had a 2.0 CDTI for years, whats the 1.6 like?