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Thread: Fixed none working climate control panel + light switch illumination

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    Vehicle : Vauxhall Signum

    Trim : Design

    Engine : 2.2 Direct

    Year : 2006

    Default Fixed none working climate control panel + light switch illumination

    Hi All,

    I've spent the last 4 days trying to fix a problem with my car (Signum 2.2 06) which I've finally resolved so thought I would share what I did in case it helps someone else as the info I could find was sparse.

    Problem 1:
    Climate control panel not working. Dials lit up as with the rest of the interior lights but the buttons (AC, rear window heater etc) didn't come on to indicate their active. The dials didn't work either (no fan on any setting 1 to 4).

    Problem 2:
    The light switch panel wasn't illuminating although the controls worked fine.

    Things I tried:
    -Inspected fuses in fuse box on passengers side (mainly 2, 23 and 25). Replaced several fuses anyway just to be sure. No difference.

    -Bought a multimeter even though I've never used one before or know anything about electronics but thought I could use it to test the other fuses I didn't replace. All fuses working fine. Glad I bought one though, very handy tool.

    -Removed climate control panel, took it apart and gave the PCB and sockets a good spray of wd-40. Still nothing.

    -After learning how to use the multimeter I discovered the right hand side of the fuse box wasn't receiving any power expect for 23 (40a fuse). Read someone resolved this by replacing the relay at the back of the fuse box (need to remove glove box to access). I removed the relays and tested them, all fine, gave them a spray of wd-40, still no joy.

    Removed the chunky cable connected to the fuse box (at the back) gave the socket and plug a spray of wd-40, hooked it back up and like magic the climate control panel worked and light switch illuminated.

    I'm not a mechanic or whizz at electronics so everything I tried may not be the right way to do it but I would suggest to try some of the things I tried as, you may have a similar issue, but the cause may be different.

    Hope this helps.

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    Vehicle : Vectra Estate

    Trim : VXR

    Engine : Z28NEH

    Year : 07


    Use contact cleaner instead of wd40 as it’s an oil and you don’t want that on circuits
    Vectra VXR estate 2007 Sapphire Black
    Teapot Tuned 245/300
    Eibachs B8's, fully loaded factory options

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