Hi guys! Having a problem with my Insignia, 2.0 CDTI where it keeps doing a regen a few miles after just finishing one. I hooked up Opcom and no faults showing up but when i watch live data readings it shows that EGT sensor 2 is not giving any reading it is just staying at 0. Ive bought a new sensor but upon attempting the change it last night i cannot for the life of me find where it goes!!!

Ive checked the car from top and also underneath on the lift, and followed the exhaust from DPF to tail pipe and simply cannot find any other sensor apart from the Lambda in the manifold and EGT sensor 1 in front of the DPF. Ive rang Opel to confirm i got the correct part for my car and asked them about the location and they sent me a diagram, and it is showing Sensor 2 but is just pointing to what looks like the bottom pulley area of the engine and does not show a close up of where the sensor is mounted. But surely the sensor has to go in the exhaust somewhere not on the engine?

Has anyone changed one of these sensors and able to point me in the right direction before i go completely nuts or am i being completely blind here