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Thread: Calling auto owners!

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    Default Calling auto owners!

    Just an update of my ongoing gearbox probs! I would appreciate anyones comments! - just posted this in technical as well but thought I would put it here as well as more people look here! Sorry admin.

    It is certainly 90% better than it was (still have not found out what they have done to it!!) (see other posts in technical)

    The main concern now is that it is still reluctant to change down when travelling at a constant speed going up a hill or when accelerating up a hill (e.g. motorway slip road)

    sometimes it seems to think about changing - sounds as if it does- waits a bit- but then changes its mind then does again!

    Other times it you get a massive clunk as it changes but most of the time nothing happens until kickdown.

    On flat roads when dipping the accelerator at the same speed it instantly changes down nicely and in a controlled manner.

    Its been very dangerous on occasions as particularly when joining a motorway you go to accelerate up the slip road from say doing 30mph on the roundabout and nothing happens (queue forming behind) - I'm gently squeezing the throttle more and suddenly I reach kickdown and being the 3.2 I nearly ram the person in front of me.

    Anyhow its back in today and the area Vauxhall tech guy is going to have a drive in it. Fingers crossed again!!

    This time I have been given a hire car - vectra club which is better than the dreadfully coarse corsa. Being sort of the same car as mine but manual I am wondering why it doesn't change gear automatically!! - never usually have a prob switching between man and auto in different cars!.

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    My Box suffers most of the maladies that you describe. No knocking though..

    If I ask the box to gently down change, Going on to a rising slip lane say, it will refuse to downshift for a while then only shift when it really labours..

    I have now learnt to anticipate it by driving in manual in these stituations.. it also let's me have the full rev range to hold the gear to get on the M-way..

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