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Thread: What's it Worth Threads

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    Default What's it Worth Threads

    Recently there was a HMIIW thread posted, which was deleted. These threads are not permitted and will simply be binned. It is generally an understood rule that these threads are not allowed. Please see the link to this below:

    There is a reason they are not allowed. Please respect this especially when the thread is deleted.

    Below is the OP from the link above.

    Despite reminders by the three of us (Admin) and also posts by other members, it seems that they've fallen on deaf ears. For number of people the HMIIW section has become a lazy way of putting something up for sale without needing to give a price. More and more we have seen threads where the thread starter has posted up in their HMIIW thread to say "Sorry, they're sold" when there wasn't even a For Sale thread started.

    On top of that we saw people posting up asking for 'first dibs' or making offers in the thread etc. therefore encouraging the whole practice.

    So, from a combination of both thread starters and subsequent repliers they've made the section a bit of a farce and spoiled it for the rest who were using it properly and genuinely after an idea of value before they then started a For Sale thread. For those who were still using it properly - thank you. For those who have ruined it for everyone else - gee, thanks. The section was set up, after suggestions by members, as a way of helping people to price their For Sale items appropriately and to help them out - something now no longer possible.

    So from now on we revert back to the For Sale section only where any items need to be given a price. For those that genuinely are not sure what to price something at then you'll have to do a bit of research - see what people have priced them at previously, look on eBay and use the Advanced Search function to look at completed listings and the selling price.

    The HMIIW section will remain visible for the moment - to let people have a look through to see what other similar items were valued at to help them with any For Sale threads, but obviously no posting will be possible.

    So, that's that - unfortunately the minority ruin it for the majority but it couldn't continue. For the Mods to keep watching every thread would just be impractical.
    Last edited by GazVXLINE170; 26th June 2016 at 19:00. Reason: Thread made into a sticky.

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