I dont know if anyone here is interested, but there is an Ex-MOD bunker in Epsom which holds Airsoft Skirmishes.

If anyone is unaware, Airsoft is similar to Painballing, but it is with plastic BBs as opposed to Paint balls, is just as Much fun and Doesnt Hurt....as Much.

Its a relatively Small site, so if there were a Group of 16ish it Would be entirely by ourselves rather then attacking other groups....lol

I have Been there before and am going there again relatively soon, it is a Good laugh and it includes Lunch and isnt badly priced - I think I paid £30 or Something for the Entire day - which includes a hire 'weapon' and some ammo, as well as lunch and some other goodies.

I will post up the Flyer I have somewhere if i find it, for now the site is http://www.eliteactiongames.com/