Theres a drunk man walking along the road, when he tumbles into a church. In the church a christening is going on, and the minister is standing in front of the font. The drunk man wanders up to the front, and the minister asks him if he 'Would like to find Jesus'?

The drunk replies that he would. With that, the minister takes his head and dunks him into the font. Upon removing him, he asks, 'Did you find Jesus?'

The drunk replies with 'No'. The minister takes him again, and dunks him into the font. He removes him, and asks again, 'Did you find Jesus?'. Once again, the drunk replies with 'No'.

The minister dunks him into the font again, however this time he holds him under for a lot longer. When he removes the drunk, he asks once again, 'Did you find Jesus'.

The drunk replies, 'I'm not being funny, but are you definitely sure this is where he fell in?'