Hello people!!

Looking for your expert advice!!

My 2003 Vectra 3.2 GSI but its an AUTO!! it has its good old cruise control thingy!! Now when i press the set button on the top of the Left stalk lever it sets the speed at what ever im doing at the time good it works!! but the green light on the dash doesnt show up

Now it will stay fine, up untill i touch the bottom button to decrease the speed. As soon as i touch the bottom button it turns the whole lot off, and then i can't reset it at all... nothing.. and it dont play untill i turn the ignition off and back on.

Vauxhall' main stealer.... or was that dealer?? lol... reconed its the Computer unit for all the Stalk's behind the steering wheel, and there over £200 squid. they recon £350 for the whole lot and fitting

Has anyone come across this before.. or have any ideas for me to try??

Cheers guys!!