Evening everyone, not been on here for a while. Had the problemn with the bonnet catch not working last summer. Thought I'd fixed it by greasing everything. Anyway, went to fill up the washer bottle last week and the bonnet wouldn't open.

Had a good read through all the relevant posts on here and tackled it today. Used the usual 2 man method to get the bonnet open. Greased everything. Slackened off the adjustment nut to the right of the catch and pulled the cable it to the right. This took up about a centimetre of slack. Closed bonnet and tried catch - nothing.

Got the bonnet open again and traced the route of the cable. Just behind the headlamp is a pressed lip that looks like the cable should be sitting on it - my cable was hanging below it - presumably slipped off. Put cable back on the lip. Closed bonnet and catch now works with a nice tight action.

However I thought I would undo the adjustment nut again and put the cable back to where it was. Closed bonnet again and catch still worked, albeit with a slacker/weaker action.

So it would seem that all that was amiss was the cable falling off it's route so to speak. Question is, do I tighten the cable up using the adjustment nut or will this just put undue stress on the cable and potentially stretch it?

What does everyone else think?