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Thread: Woody's Vx/Opel ICE - Home of the Comfort Unit and Accessories from

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    Vehicle InfoStats

    Vehicle : Vectra C 3.2 Gsi Auto (Zavoli LPG with Flashlube)

    Trim : Gsi with loads of "Extras"

    Engine : 3.2 Z32SE (LPG)

    Year : 2004

    Mileage : 131,000

    Default Woody's Vx/Opel ICE - Home of the Comfort Unit and Accessories from

    I am delighted to be the UK / Eire distributor for the Comfort Unit and related Modules. These are a group of products that are designed to enhance and provide additional information on the range of Opel / Vauxhall CANBus factory-fitted head units – CD30, CD30 MP3, CDC40 OPERA, CD50 PHONE, CD70 Navi or DVD90 Navi, Touch & Connect infotainment units or other unoriginal units, and with steering wheel remote controls (Scroller type NOT Button type).

    Applicable vehicles are Vectra-C / Signum / Astra H / Zafira B

    These Comfort Unit & Complimentary Video Units were designed and manufactured from the outset by Josef at

    This designer / manufacturer has spent many years of code dis-assembly and understanding of the original OEM instruction sets built into these GM headunits and displays. From there he has produced some highly desirable modules, which once fitted, will almost certainly leave you feeling as though they were built to be there from the outset by GM and their Suppliers.

    Comfort Unit - Adding a Comfort Unit to your compatable Headunit & Display, (it simply plugs into the OBD Diagnostic port under the ashtray) will allow you to view Additional Diagnostic Information, Monitor DPF (Diesels with DPF), Boost (Turbo Engines Only), and Aircon Pressure (ECC Units only) “See” a Parking Sensor Display of what your Factory Parking Sensors are “seeing”, view digital readings for Speed & Temperature, Add Coming Home Lights and VXR style Dial / Needle Sweep and Startup Dial Lights to the dashboard and also add an OverSpeed Warning Beep. If you have a VXR engine, then even more features for monitoring performance are available.

    Video Modules – Adding a Reversing Camera and Video Aux In / Alternate Video to a CID Colour Display - With a Comfort Unit already in place, adding fully menu driven Video is as simple as connecting a VCU-01 module (or a VCU-02 if you do not require a Comfort Unit as well) and then you can make use of video options such as a Reversing Camera, or Multimedia (if you have auxilliary sound already) if your vehicle has a Colour Display Screens (CID). When video is connected via this arrangement, all original screen warnings related to the operation of the vehicle will still function as intended unlike some other products on the market.

    The Comfort Unit - CU

    CU + VCU-01 User Guide:
    Zafira-B OCU-ZB-IK installation Guide (using mounting bracket)

    The Video Converter Unit - VCU-01

    Adding Video Aux Input to your Vauxhall / Opel Colour Screen

    Demo Videos

    VCU-01 Installation Guide:

    The Video Converter Unit - VCU-02

    Demo Video:

    VCU-02 Installation Guide:

    Power Supply Module RASP-PSM + Case for the SBC Raspberry Pi

    Power Supply Module RASP-PSM + Case for the New SBC Raspberry Pi 2

    Camera Power Switch – CAM-PS / Reversing Camera for OPEL/Vauxhall - CVBS NTSC video output

    Wireless RC for the Raspberry Pi

    OPEL Insignia/Meriva-B AUX/USB/SD-card slot for the Raspberry Pi

    Part Number - 13363146, part code 1787032

    NEW 3.8di - For Vxr / OPC Engines - The Very Latest Comfort Unit Firmware version 3.8di is now available - The update adds ECM data for Z28NET, Z28NEL, Z28NEH, Z20LEX and Z20NET engines as well as Full Needle Sweep for non Vxr's and Coming Home Lighting.

    The FIRMWARE Change Log Summary as follows :-
    MFD-CAN_2.9e – added UK Imperial units support
    MFD-CAN_3.0e – added Z13DTH ECM support
    MFD-CAN_3.1e – added #3 (RGB+S) video input support on the VCU-01 & installation without CD70/DVD90Navi
    MFD-CAN_3.4e – added configuration and DPF data is saved to the FLASH memory of the microprocessor in the CU to EEPROM, acoustic overspeed warning function, digital speedometer on the display function, modified function "Alert on engine heated up", amended - if "Alert on engine heated up" & " Close msg. box manually" configuration items are active and coolant temperature is less than 80 degrees Celsius then coolant temperature is automatically displayed on the GID/CID (if "On Info-Display" is selected) or on the IPC (if "On Info-Display" is selected). In this mode, the coolant temperature displaying is automatically deactivated when the temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius.
    MFD-CAN _3.6di - Catering specifically for Vectra 2.8 Vxr/OPC owners. The update added ECM data for Z28NET, Z28NEL, Z28NEH engines.
    MFD-CAN_3.7di – Added the other Vxr/OPC model engine specific cars with Z20LEx and Z20NET engines.
    MFD-CAN_3.8di - Adds the VXR/OPC Needle Sweep & Full Instrument Panel Light illumination at startup and a new Coming Home Light option

    Here are youtube video demos of the new features in action -

    Latest - Vxr/OPC Software Update 3.8di

    Z28NEX & Z20LEX ECM Monitor - User guide:

    Follow Me Home Lighting (Video courtesy of HarrysDad)

    I just thought I would wet the appetites of those existing members who have already purchased a Comfort Unit

    Here's an example of a recent enthusiasts installation of a Video Unit (VCU-01) to which he has connected a DVB-T Digital Television Receiver, together with a Raspberry Pi to play his Audio and Video Media Files, and obviously he has a reversing camera hooked up too

    The Headunit is a DVD90 (he is a Polish lad living and working in Bristol).


    Comfort Unit - £120 + Carriage £7.50 via Royal Mail Tracked 24 next day

    VCU-01 & VCU-02 - £180 + Carriage £7.50 delivery 1-2 weeks

    CAM-PS - Camera Power Switch - £25 + Carriage £7.50 delivery 1-2 weeks

    RaspberryPi 2 - £120
    This is for the RaspberryPi 2 complete, fitted with 12v Regulated Automotive PSU and Case, together with 8gb microSD together with Openelec OS with KODI (formerly XBMC) and media licenses for Audio & Video. (At this time I will not be supplying the Pi 3 which has integrated wifi and bluetooth. This is because these are fitted "onboard", and it is anticipated that users would need to disable these devices and fit external USB alternatives due to the Pi being fitted inside a screened Automotive case).

    Wiring - For anyone who is "fazed" by the thought of "wiring", I can also supply a set of prewired "plugs with 12" tails" for the Video Module VCU-01/02 , CAM-PS (Camera Power Switch), and Raspberry Pi2 case - £10

    RGB Cable Modification with a VCU-01 or VCU-02 Video module - For the more daunting task of modifying the RGB cable, then I can point you in the direction of a friend of mine who is experienced in fine wiring and who will modify your cable for you - £35 using the plugs supplied including postage.
    Payment - Via Paypal - Please Cover Fees

    I am also able to offer an AUX In Retrofitting Service for the CD70 & DVD90 Headunits
    with a special price for forum members and carried out on my behalf by PepaS.

    CD70/DVD90 Aux In Retrofitting - The cost of this (Priced in Euros) including all parts, fitting, and firmware update is 50 Euros + Return via UPS a further 23 Euros

    So approx £56 (as at 5/6/2017) all in.

    Other Services

    As a further part of the service offered via my arrangements with PepaS, I am showing the costs/charges for Firmware Updates and Security Code Retrieval of the headunit and display modules associated with this range of vehicles.

    All charges / costs for this work are shown in EUROS (€).

    Please note that no soldering or dismantling of the equipment / modules is carried out during the update/upgrade process.

    The cost of Return Transport via UPS will need to be added to the charges shown. This is typically €23 and return delivery to UK usually takes 5 working days.

    GID / CID Firmware Updates - 2 to 3 line Display conversions

    3 line.jpg

    Astra-H, Zafira-B GID firmware update: firmware version GD55/GD59
    (2-lines BC) -> GD83 (3-lines BC) - €40 + Postage

    Astra-H, Zafira-B CID firmware update: firmware version CD55/CD59
    (2-lines BC) -> CD83 (3-lines BC and OPC/VXR startup logo) €40 + Postage

    Vectra-C / Signum CID firmware update: firmware version CE55/CE59
    (2-lines BC) -> CE83 (3-lines BC and OPC/VXR startup logo) €40 + Postage

    Astra-H, Zafira-B, Vectra-C / Signum GID/CID Security Code Reading or Resetting €20 + Postage
    CD70Navi, DVD90Navi security code reading or resetting - €40 + Postage

    Please be aware that converting a display from 2 to 3 lines should only be undertaken for modules already paired and working in your car. It will also mean that you will lose the "miles remaining and navigate to nearest "Petrol station" option.

    The new CID/GID display (GE83, GD83, CE83, CD83) can not be used in older cars (2005/06) in some rare cases. There is problem in measuring the amount of fuel in the tank; the exact cause is unknown. The CID/GID must be firstly correctly configured in the car and then firmware update can be done. This pairing and configuration procedure must be guaranteed to have been carried out before modification otherwise there will be a problem with fuel measurements.

    Once modified, if the range is less than 50 km then range is not displayed in the 3-line main window and the option to navigate to the nearest petrol station will "disappear".

    For the security code reading of the CID/GID service with a paired set of headunit / display modules, only the smaller and lighter of the 2 units, ie the display, would need to be sent away for the code to be retrieved.

    For complete reading and reprogramming of a new code, both items will need to be sent off.

    The service will involve you sending the headunit only to the Czech Republic and will take approximately 3 weeks (2 of which will be travel time). No external wiring is provided and so you will need to add this yourself afterwards. Payment should be by Wire Transfer, Paypal, or the comparatively new Transferwise Service. If paying via Paypal the cost will be 4% higher due to the Paypal Fee.

    I can however personally recommend the Transferwise Service offered here -

    This will allow you to pay online in Euros with a Visa or Mastercard Bank Debit Card with a fee which is a small fraction of the charge typically levied by banks in the UK.


    I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have either by PM, or you can email me at -

    Last edited by Woody; 9th January 2019 at 13:23.

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