Well this morningís journey to work certainly wasnít the normal drive. Set off got to the dual carriage way where I normally turn right paying attention as the cars whiz past. While watching a couple of kids in a red Micra coming past they suddenly decided to swerve out of lane, to take a turning at a break in the central reservation, didnít look behind him, pulled out to take the turn like an F1 driver and the car behind him smacked their rear corner sending the Micra into a rather impressive 360 spin.(Where I would normally be waiting tio join the other side of the road)
(He was going far too fast to have ever made the turn without hitting the wall the other side)

Any how he promptly started swearing started up and shot off just missing the front of my car. The other car then gave chase, hope he caught the sod!

Called the cops and gave a number plate, etc but all the guy on the other end of the phone could do was moan about the number of calls he got!?
In the wrong job obviously!!
Muppet! Makes you wonder if it is worth the effort sometimes.......