Hi guys, someone today decided to take a swipe at the rear bumper, nothing serious, just scuffed the paint off, bl**dy annoying though....
Anyway back to my question;
The car details show the colout code as Z 20R.

Looked in the reference section and found the following
"VX Vectra C / Signum latest paint codes
·Black Sapphire 20R/2HU"

Now looking at Paints4U.com to obtain a repair kit, when I put the details in the come back with 98% of the correct details the only things that are different are the year of manufacture, which they say is 2001, car is a 52 plate.
The other thing is the preceeding letter on the car its Z and they are quoting L, does this make any difference?

Thanks for reading my ramble and any help is much appreciated