Hi everybody
I am new to this furum stuff, but need some advice from anybody who can help.

I ve a 1.9 cdti signum Elegance 2004-54 reg

The owners handbook says you can un/lock the car with the key in the old fashioned way. Turn it once to unlock drivers door, teice to unlock all doors etc.

If i try this with mine only the drivers door unlocks and when you open the door the alarm goes off.

If all the doors are unlocked, only the drivers door can be locked with the key.

Main stealer has checked it out and says this is normal.

Can anybody shed some light on this.

Also last week all the gauges stayed on zero until the car was next restarted. This week the battery was flat and needed to be jump started. Main stealer charged £52.00 + vat for diagnostics only to be told every thing OK at time of test.

Please help