Yesterday was my worst day ive ever had fixing a car.I had both front and rear ARB bushes to change and gave myself a whole day to do them.It was a pig of a job and it took me 9 hours and 7.5 of them were doing just the 1 of the front ones

Ive found a couple of easy tips that will save somebody time,effort and swearing

First of all the rears,i followed the How2 on here and it was excellent but after reading some of the comment on here about people not being able to get the metal bridal open and on a few occasions people have either given up or taken it to a garage.

As i expected i had the same problem,the bridal would open about 10mm and would slam shut again,i tried brute force but it felt like it was going to bend or snap.After a few mins of head scratching i figured out an easy way using the cars scissor jack.Basicly what you do it use the jack under the suspension arm to raise the ARB which inturns opens the bridal without even having to touch it.After the old bushe is replaced you just have to lower the jack until the bridal may have to get a pair of grips on the edge of it to close it over the bushe but after that its just bolt in and job done.

The fronts were a different story,very very tricky to get out and in again.

First of all id like to mention that i have the 2 part front ARB bushes,a top section and bottom section.i had no idea they existed as ive never seen anybody talk about them on here.

Again i used the how2 to get to the stage where i was ready to get the old bushe out.This was my first problem,they are on extremely tight,the bottom half has a plastic tab which slots into the side of the bridal and locks it inplace SOLID!! You cant even take the bridal off so its just a case of smashing the rubber to bits until it falls out in the tiny about of space you have...lots of grazed knuckles and elbow.The reason they are so tight on the ARB itself is due to them being metal inside so they don't even flex or bend and they literaly click and clamp onto the bar from the top and bottom(hence the oval shape they have when you put the to halves together)

Once you have the old one off and you start to regret starting the job youll realise that theres no going back as the old 1 is on bits now.Now here comes the hardest bit,getting the damn thing back on.I tried the obivuos way of placing the bottom section in place and the the top part and pushing the bridal over the top.This is a big NO NO as its such a tight fit that it wont clamp down...even with a breaker bar ontop and the bridal and top section covered in grease! the thing that was stopping it was the 2 plastic tabs that need to locate into the holes in the side of the bridal,its impossible with the amount of room.Then a called on the help of a mate who climbed onto the engine bay and pushed down from the bay with a breaker bar but it still wouldn't close.

After about about 4 hours on my own and 3 hours with a mate we decided the only way was to cut the tabs of the bottom section and it worked...YAY,its still tight and required some force from the engine bay but we got it done.

This was the hardest thing ive ever done to a car and ive worked on a few.

Just for the record my car is a 2006 SRI 1.9 150 and require the different type of front bushe.My mate who helped me has a 2004 SRI 1.9 150 and his front ARB bushes are almost the same as the rears ones as in a solid rubber bushe with a slit down the side so depending what car you have will decide if you have the newer bushes

I Hope this will help somebody who is doing the job.

thanks for reading

P.S i still have the other front bushe to do yet